PDF Guru: Edit, Read/Annotate App revisa

Excellent replacement of Mac Preview

After Mac Preview broke how it displays highlights and comments, I went on a search of a PDF reader that was compatible with standard PDF markup and could display the comments in a sidebar along with their colors. This is the only program I’ve found that fits the bill. PDF Guru does not allow you to *EDIT* the PDFs (e.g., insert or alter text). It’s fantastic, however, for reading and commenting on PDFs.

Нормальное приложение

Использую его только для чтения книг. С этой задачей справляется отлично. Простой дизайн мне нравиться. Почему-то не готов поставить 5. Но друзьям посоветовал пользоваться им.

Cannot update

The PDF Guru cannot be updated…?? why... I paid for the Pro edition.

DO NOT PAY FOR! It is not a PDF editor

I wish I had read the reviews before I decided to make a purchase. They stole $9 from me by misleading me in the messages section of the app. Instead of doing my normal amount of research, I accepted their claim that I could get the editor to work if I paid them $9. There is no way to demand my money back. Avoid this app! Avoid this company! Thieves!


It does not allow you to edit. There is absolutely no point in buying this. I don’t get why anyone would create a pdf editor that does not actually allow you to edit the text of a pdf.

Great Ap

This ap is a great alternative to Adobe in fact probably better because you can actually create a text box and edit the pdf in the free version. It is a little cumbersome to do but you can do it and it is free. I give this 5 stars simply because i=you can edit the pdf document with text


I like the idea of this product but I keep trying to use features thatjust dont work. My requirements are simple, highlighting, strike through, etc of text. Seems to mostly not work or atleast not intuitively. Seems to work under some narrow conditions and I cant figure out the magic formula.


I am very disappointed in the functionality of this app. I upgraded to the PRO version. Alike the other people who invested money into this app, I have been bamboozled and mislead. This app does not allow for a PDF to be edited. Very misleading. You can not edit fields of a PDF file. I would like to be refunded.

Please Refund

I thought I could buy specific features in the in App purchase. It just charged me for the full pro version which didn’t even provide the function I was looking for. Not what I thought I was purchasing.

Difference b/w pro and free?

I was really liking this but I didn’t understand the difference between free and pro. I opened it one time and saw my older pdfs were missing? Maybe there is a limitation on how many you can have in the free version? I didn’t know how to find my old pdfs because there isn’t an easy folder function within the app. I ended up pressing the trash can to see if they were there and it deleted everything I had! There doesn’t seem to be a way to recover them. While this easily lets you add to pdfs (which is great for taking notes during class), I think there are some organizational issues.


I've now used it for two months and it's the best PDF reader I've experience for reading academic articles. It's snappy and reminds me of replacing my web browser with Chrome when it first came out. Can easily add native PDF annotations and search through the existing ones. (And it saves them fast when you close the file. Competitors either do this slowly or, like Skim, use a non-native annotation format that can't be read by other PDF readers.) Draggable tabs. Plays nicely with Zotero. The UI for "find" displays a lot of info intuitively. Everything is just well designed. I haven't yet run into a limitation on the free version, and upgrading to pro is only $20 anyways. It used to crash from time to time when it came out in late 2017, but this appears to have been fixed as of Feburary 2018! (That's why I'm upgrading my review from 4 stars to 5 stars.) If there are old reviews complaining about crashes, keep that in mind. I prefer it over these other PDF readers on maxOS that I have tried: FoxIt, Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Skim.

I want my money back!!!

It doesn’t edit a PDF. I simply wanted to take a line out of an existing PDF, to make it easier to read (too big of a gap). It will not delete a line. It will not copy and paste so I can edit in word. Totally worthless. Please refund my money!!!

Lies lies lies

This isn’t an editor. Period. Misleading name.

What the hell?

You cannot edit with this piece of crap. I want my money back!



Update BS

5 updates in 17 days. Can’t you hire competent programmers?


I just upgraded to v2.4.1. Everytime I open the app it crashes after being open for around 15 to 30 seconds. Totally useless, can’t keep the app open long enough to read anything.

Preview works better if you

Tried this because it has bookmarks which Preview lacks and I need for large docs. Doesn't support hyperlinks within PDF documents. Not suitable for reading large documents. Also appears to be spammy / nagware.

Ads unacceptable

The new version has an ad popup and bounce in your charmbar every 5 minutes. Completely not okay, even for a free app. This does not make me want to buy Premium.


I have used PDF Reader X for several years with great satisfaction. This has however dramatically changed recently - I absolutely see no point in reminding PDF Reader X users every 10 minutes or so through a very annnoying popup window and a bouncing dock icon to upgrade to the Pro version. If anything, this has prompted me to uninstall PDF Reader X and install an alternative PDF reader from a company that has higher standards for professional courtesy towards its customers.

Complete garbage

I’m fine to download a trial and be annoyed by how many times they ask you to upgrade while I’m trying to read a document, but it is another thing for this crap to crash within 15 minutes of installing. I was reading a book of ~300 pages a total size of 3 MB the it crashed. TOTALY NOT RECOMMENDED

Upgrade reminders are pretty bad...

Pretty much uninstalled right away. You’re better off just installing Adobe’s reader. It now has tabs and no continuous nagging.

constantly nag about upgrading to pro

it would be one thing if it asks to upgrade to pro version once a day or when it started but when I it in background and go away from Mac Mini, first thing I see when I return is jumping icon and nagging about buying pro version. Isn’t there rule against constantly nagging about inapp purchases?

Problems with Elcapitan OSX

Many of the annotation features don’t work (at all) with the new OSX update. Especially the doodle and line-vectors.


looks bugger. I won’t buy an app that isn’t updated.

Pretty Good

I would consider buying it if I did not read so many reviews about bugs and they had released and Update since for Yosemite. Since the last update was May 2014 it obviously has not been optimized for Yosemite and probably the reason it is buggy. If they want you to pay 15$ then they have to expect to support the product and no updates in 9 months does not cut it.

License not transferable

Great app BUT if you upgrade your system, you have to buy it again. License is not transferable. Tabs are really handy though. I stopped using it untill the license issue get fixed.

Frequent Crash! Be aware!

Not recommend.


The application crashes 90% of the time when I open and close a document. I have installed updates, and re-installed the OS on three different occasios. Time to try another application.

Good enough to use. Buggy enough to not buy

Pros: lightweight, good ui, does what I want and nothing I don’t. Cons: buggy, will crash 3-4 times per week.

Great program but BEWARE if on Yosemite

Great program. Not perfect, but the best tabbed PDF view with annotations out there. However, it does not work properly in Yosemite and requires a much needed update.

Great setup, but it doesn’t work and I lose all my notes

I use this for active editing in class (I’m in med school and have class mostly 9-5). I write a LOT of notes so I updated to Pro (it won’t let me write a review for the pro and I don’t know why). This app started as a great resource, but now it has been slowly devovling. This app started crashing and I lost all the notes I didn’t save. Now when it crashes I lose all notes, even the ones I saved from before. I am so frustrated that I want to throw my computer against the wall and erase all memory of having this app. Thanks for helping me lose hours of work. I have to get back to re-writing all my annotations now. Pros: -It’s easy to write, draw, circle, and highlight. -It’s easy to use the app as a means to organize and open all your PDFs. Cons: -Sometimes there is Lag in the GUI that stays on the screen until you overlap it with another GUI -It crashes. An absurd amount. -I lost all my work. -Even though I purchased the Pro, it says I have the Free Edition If the theory of the app was not so great, I would give it a 1/5. The app functionality is a 0/5, but the awesome theory is great. I wish I could get my money back.

Almost there

I like this app, it small, clean and multi-tabs. As a replacement of MacOS’s Preview, I hope there are some more enhancement on PDFs operations, such as split and combination. I also encountered the **update** issue, could the authors release the package on your own site? Each time App Store will remind me to update, but I don’t want to do that and don’t want to see the little red tagger on the icon. What’s more, I really hope the authors could add an option to change the background color of the view, cause most of us need to read a long time on the screen. Good job.

Waste of money

Don’t waste your money on this peice of #*@ app if you’re using it for important business! They update it every other day “fixing bugs”, every time ERASING all your annotations and info your have spend plenty of time to add to your document! Has happened to me several times in the past 2 months, just happened again! Upadated to fix “not saving annotation”, there, erased all my annotations AGAIN. Hire someone who knows what thery’re doing! BTW I hit “save” EVERY single TIME I add an annotation, still all my info is lost!


I was a great app, but it crashes all the time for the most updated version, solve this!

cannot open it after update

Please fix it as soon as possible!



Works great for me

Mostly 5 star reviews, some people not so happy. For me this is the best PDF app I’ve had so far. Certainly beats Adobe for hundreds of dollars. Great job, thank you

Can Be Annoying

This application is good, but it can certainly be very annoying because it won’t leave you alone about upgrading to premium. I would give it 5 stars otherwise.

False advertisement

The premium version is false. You have to pay or the app doesn´t worth for nothing. It´s false advertisement. You cannot create, for instance, folders. Watch up, guys!

flash back!!!

Flash Back!!! Annoying!

not good

you have to pay or the app is annoying!!

Constantly asks you to upgrade.

Decent product ruined by constant popup notifications asking if you want to upgrade. One even said “i have a long list of things to fix with this app. It takes time, you know” or something rude like that. The developer clearly knows nothing about the business side of software...


COULD be good if it weren’t for the incredibly annoying nagware that pops up every 15 minutes saying “buy pro, buy pro.” Here’s the thing: I don’t want the features for pro and so I’m not going to pay almost $10 for something I’m not going to use. Charge a couple bucks for this version, fine. I’ll buy. But don’t give it away just so you can advertise your more expensive and unnecessary pro version.

Not what I was looking for

Well, I can't even edit the TEXT THATS ALREADY IN THE PDF, and that's all I wanted. Please add that!! The Cut and Delete things in the menu bar are grayed out.


The application loads really fast and scrolls very smooth!! Highly recommended!

What's not to like?

App is fast and accurate. Much better than Acorbat Reader.


So I bought a license for $8.99. I want to know if I have to do this for every machine I have it on. (3) I can't get support through GitHub (the support link that you are sent to) What do I do?


I had default Adobe reader, but it is so slow, so I was looking for simple pdf reader and this is perfect. It scroll pages so slowly. Thank you….

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