PDF Guru: Edit, Read/Annotate App Reviews

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Excellent tool

Very convenient pdf reader. Main highlights: fast and smooth work, tabs. It could be even better if background color change would be added in future.

very bad

app do not remember view mode, cant’t be close by cmd+Q is presentation mode. it also sometime starts on wrong display and lose text progress

Excellent But Annoying

At last - PDF Reader that is not as unbelievably slow as Adobe and has tabs (as opposed to the rest of the lot). Looks excellent on Retina. Upgraded from a version with "Find" keyboard shortcuts not working to a version with CONSTANT "upgrade" nagging. Became unbearable, switched to FoxIt Reader. Lowering the price wouldve convinced me to buy.


iBooks can read pdf files too, and works much fast. It’s not bad idea to use alternative free software, but i’ts slow alternative.


decent app for pdf viewing and editing.

Can you add the open new window

This is a great pdf reader. Can you add more shortcut like switch between tabs and open a new window for more pdf?

Already love it

Ive used this app just a couple of times, and Ive already set it as my default PDF reader. For people who use Mendeley to keep track of their scientific papers, it appears that annotations made in PDF Reader X will be visible in Mendeley.

wonderful app

hope you release a pro version which has more features.I would love to pay for it.

Not file-friendly for files over 100MB.

I have tried multiple applications including Skim, PDF Easy, Preview and recently tried PDF Reader X. They all have their ups and downs, but this is the most user-friendly until i try to annotate my text-books that are well over 100MB and it tried to auto-save every five minutes. I would like for it to have an option to turn off auto-save and for it to simply save the annotations I added not re-copy all of them because it takes 20+ minutes to save now. Please fix

Great alternate for PDF

This app makes me smile. I used to use Adobe Acrobat reader but it’s too slow just to read PDF. But PDF Reader X is pretty fast to load PDF and smooth when I browse pages. Great one.

Definitely a must-have app

Switching to Mac this year was awesome, what with OSX being so intuitive and all. Except then there were all my college textbooks in PDF format, and Adobe’s Reader was the most unusable, unintuitive, get-in-the-way junk I would have never imagined. Thankfully I recently found PDF Reader X, and it has been a dream! I finally have control of PDF’s on my screen, even in full-screen. Thank you Kun Wei!


Well, thanks, really… very smooth app very and very comfortable to use! Good bye Glitchy Adobe reader…..

Better than Adobe’s Reader and Apple’s Preview

Seamless and a pleasure to use.


I was very very happy with the previous version of the app. However, it automatically updated and now it has quite a few problems. First, when you open a PDF it opens it up very small on the left side of the screen, it does not open it up fully. Second, the full screen mode is not as good. You cannot move the mouse to the top and see the time, how much battery you have left etc. (you could do this before). Third, the app freezes in full screen and crashes. I was very happy with the previous version but I’m very furstrated and dissapointed with this new version.

Good, but annoying nagware.

You should make it clear that you need to pay to get rid of the annoying message that nags you to pay.

The best the PDF reader so far

This app is simply the best PDF reader I’ve used on OS X

Never opened

I couldnt open the app let alone a document. Delete


I had default Adobe reader, but it is so slow, so I was looking for simple pdf reader and this is perfect. It scroll pages so slowly. Thank you….


So I bought a license for $8.99. I want to know if I have to do this for every machine I have it on. (3) I cant get support through GitHub (the support link that you are sent to) What do I do?

Whats not to like?

App is fast and accurate. Much better than Acorbat Reader.

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