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Perfect !

The last updates made this app very cool to use ! And for a low price ! Congrats ! =)

crushed on first opening.


Could be a good alternative to Preview

Unfortunately, it still uses OSX own PDF engine which effectively destroys Adobe ClearScan (google for details, there are a couple of threads on the Apple boards)… If there only were a PDF reader based on something like the Foxit engine...

Really Great App.

This App is really great and clear. I start this to use beacause I wasn’t happy to use the adobe pdf reader. If you add the option to convert html files to pdf, it would be great :D

Not better than preview

Does not have any features that are better than preview’s out of the box features. It is sometimes a little bit more handy, because the tools are more accesible. One Feature I am missing, is the possibility to highlight text in „image based pdfs“. This is not possible.

Just what I was looking for!

This pdf reader is light, fast and simple! Great work and thanks!

Simply the best

This is by far the best PDF viewer I have used. Right away from opening the program you can see that the developer has put a lot of thought in designing it. It’s quite fast and having a start screen and the tabbed PDF viewing feature is fantastic !

great PDF viewing tool

As of now I’m quite satisfied with this app, I ditched Preview and Adobe reader as they’re not as fast as this light weight PDF viewer. However, I would like to know what special functionalities does the pro version have before jumping into the license purchasing.

The best pdf reader for mac. Seriously!

This app is the best pdf reader for mac. Seriously! I cant live without it now.

Crashed a few times, needs more annotation support

1. Crashed twice in first 10 minutes 2. Couldn’t find an obvious way to export my highlights 3. The left side oly shows the first line of the highlight text - would be handy to see more.

awesome app:)

excellent app best there is for mac !

Can’t annotate

Requires an upgrade to premium before you can annotate PDF’s. No thanks.

Nice App!

I like this app, simple and nice looking, easy to read PDF. I’m surpassed this app not in first place yet!

Can’t Annotated and Bookmark after OS X Yosemite update!!!

Missing options after the OS X Yosemite update. Use to work but no longer works. When I open the bookmark menu on the left I not able to label the subjects, same as the Annotation. Both not workin, please update the fix!!! (fill rate 5 stars once fixed. Use to love it but now hate it because it can no longer work to it’s full potential

Needs Yosemite update

Since Yosemite was released, this app has not been working properly. It slows down and crashes frequently when annotating. The developer seems to be MIA (no responses to problems reported months ago on the PDF Reader X support page). I purchased the premium edition for this through the in-app purchase options, and now I regret this purchase. Not recommended.

good but annoying

Really good because it’s tabbed. Two things are horrible about it: arrow scrolling and trackpad scrolling. To page down with arrow you got to push arrow up and vice versa. Trackpad with one page mode is hard to change page, it hesitates A LOT. Hope it will be fixed soon because it’s annoying as hell!!!

Arrow and Freehand Drawing tool no longer work after update!!

Absolutely love this app but after the update to version 2.0.1 the arrow drawing function and the freehand drawing function no longer work.

OS X Yosemite

Does not work with OS X Yosemite Beta. Crashes all the time. // OS X Yosemite ile açılmıyor, anında çökmekte.

Consistent application crashes

I use PDF Reader X extensively and consider it the best PDF viewer available for Mac. However, after being updated to 1.8 and 1.9, the app consistently crashes right after being launched. Perhaps it has something to do with the long list of bookmarks I created in version 1.7. I like the idea of Library, but untill the app becomes stable, I need to downgrade to 1.7.

Almost excellent

But full screen reading feature is terrible.

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