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Ads unacceptable

The new version has an ad popup and bounce in your charmbar every 5 minutes. Completely not okay, even for a free app. This does not make me want to buy Premium.


iBooks can read pdf files too, and works much fast. It’s not bad idea to use alternative free software, but i’ts slow alternative.


I have used PDF Reader X for several years with great satisfaction. This has however dramatically changed recently - I absolutely see no point in reminding PDF Reader X users every 10 minutes or so through a very annnoying popup window and a bouncing dock icon to upgrade to the Pro version. If anything, this has prompted me to uninstall PDF Reader X and install an alternative PDF reader from a company that has higher standards for professional courtesy towards its customers.

Excellent But Annoying

At last - PDF Reader that is not as unbelievably slow as Adobe and has tabs (as opposed to the rest of the lot). Looks excellent on Retina. Upgraded from a version with "Find" keyboard shortcuts not working to a version with CONSTANT "upgrade" nagging. Became unbearable, switched to FoxIt Reader. Lowering the price wouldve convinced me to buy.

Complete garbage

I’m fine to download a trial and be annoyed by how many times they ask you to upgrade while I’m trying to read a document, but it is another thing for this crap to crash within 15 minutes of installing. I was reading a book of ~300 pages a total size of 3 MB the it crashed. TOTALY NOT RECOMMENDED

Upgrade reminders are pretty bad...

Pretty much uninstalled right away. You’re better off just installing Adobe’s reader. It now has tabs and no continuous nagging.

constantly nag about upgrading to pro

it would be one thing if it asks to upgrade to pro version once a day or when it started but when I it in background and go away from Mac Mini, first thing I see when I return is jumping icon and nagging about buying pro version. Isn’t there rule against constantly nagging about inapp purchases?

Arrow and Freehand Drawing tool no longer work after update!!

Absolutely love this app but after the update to version 2.0.1 the arrow drawing function and the freehand drawing function no longer work.

Problems with Elcapitan OSX

Many of the annotation features don’t work (at all) with the new OSX update. Especially the doodle and line-vectors.

Not better than preview

Does not have any features that are better than preview’s out of the box features. It is sometimes a little bit more handy, because the tools are more accesible. One Feature I am missing, is the possibility to highlight text in „image based pdfs“. This is not possible.


looks bugger. I won’t buy an app that isn’t updated.

good but annoying

Really good because it’s tabbed. Two things are horrible about it: arrow scrolling and trackpad scrolling. To page down with arrow you got to push arrow up and vice versa. Trackpad with one page mode is hard to change page, it hesitates A LOT. Hope it will be fixed soon because it’s annoying as hell!!!

Pretty Good

I would consider buying it if I did not read so many reviews about bugs and they had released and Update since for Yosemite. Since the last update was May 2014 it obviously has not been optimized for Yosemite and probably the reason it is buggy. If they want you to pay 15$ then they have to expect to support the product and no updates in 9 months does not cut it.

Needs Yosemite update

Since Yosemite was released, this app has not been working properly. It slows down and crashes frequently when annotating. The developer seems to be MIA (no responses to problems reported months ago on the PDF Reader X support page). I purchased the premium edition for this through the in-app purchase options, and now I regret this purchase. Not recommended.

License not transferable

Great app BUT if you upgrade your system, you have to buy it again. License is not transferable. Tabs are really handy though. I stopped using it untill the license issue get fixed.

very bad

app do not remember view mode, cant’t be close by cmd+Q is presentation mode. it also sometime starts on wrong display and lose text progress

Really Great App.

This App is really great and clear. I start this to use beacause I wasn’t happy to use the adobe pdf reader. If you add the option to convert html files to pdf, it would be great :D

Frequent Crash! Be aware!

Not recommend.


The application crashes 90% of the time when I open and close a document. I have installed updates, and re-installed the OS on three different occasios. Time to try another application.

Good enough to use. Buggy enough to not buy

Pros: lightweight, good ui, does what I want and nothing I don’t. Cons: buggy, will crash 3-4 times per week.

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